Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Crochet

Bobble hat for Lindy.

Bobble bracelets for Alina.

Sock Monkey hat for Raylen.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crochet Greats

So it's been ages since I've posted anything.  But I HAVE been busy...crocheting!  I've opened an etsy shop and have sold stuff there and locally.  I've also made some gifts too.  Here are some pics of projects completed:
A couple of newborn beanie hats.

  Granny square baby blanket.  (Made for baby Tanner.)

   Blue bird earflap hat.

(A scarf (made at Christmas for my dad.)

 Granny square blanket special ordered through my etsy shop.

 Gingerbread beanie (made for a friend.)

 Giraffe hat (ordered through my etsy shop.)

 Granny square scarf sold through etsy.

Blanket I made for my cousin's new baby.

  Earflap hat.

 Pineapple hat (made for a friend who's sister has an affinity for all things pineapple. :)

Earflap hat made for my cousins new baby.

Granny square blanket.  Colors were a custom order from my shop but it's too cute not to sell!

Purple infinity scarf.

Christmas/Valentine's beanie.

Ear warmer/headwrap.

Owl this! (Made for Tanner)

 Sock monkey this too!  (Made for Raylen)  

 Baby booties.

 Turkey beanie.

Turquoise infinity scarf.
There is more that I haven't photographed as of yet.  I will post them once I have.  I have so many things I want to make and only so much free time.

 I've also made and sold some coasters.  Here are a few pics:

I made some Christmas coasters...they didn't sell on etsy but made awesome Christmas gifts!
Here's my etsy shop address:  justkeepinitsimple  Come by and take a look!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

July Birthdays, Layout and... A Commissioned Card!

July Birthdays:
     Both of my nieces have birthdays in July.  Aubri's is the 20th and Tori's is the 24th.  And my friend, Abi, had one on the 23rd.  The girls got their quilts mailed to them along with the cards I made for their birthday's.  Here are the cards:

Aubri, 3rd Birthday:  I love the way this turned out.  The layers are great and the paper was just so funky!

Tori, 6th Birthday: Took a bit of effort to get this cupcake done.  Probably would have been easier if I had a template or a cricut cartridge with one on it, but no, this was all me.

Abi :  I used the same kind of layering that I did with Aubri's card.  And the flower was one made from the previous posts.  I love the way the flower turned out!

This layout was made using papers from My Scrapbook Nook.  The photo was taken of Caylie and Tori at my mother's wedding back in October of 2009.  Those two girls don't miss any opportunity to be together and truly love one another.

And finally, I was asked to make a card for Abi's grandmother for her 100th birthday.  I tried to make the card look as elegantly vintage as possible.  I like the design I ended up with.  I also made the envelope.  That was my first try at an envelope that I couldn't do with the help of my cricut.  I'm happily surprised at the end result and hope they're happy with it too.

      Well that does it for now.  I'll post more when it gets done.  Cheers!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paper Flowers

     I have been busy the last few days making paper flowers.  I found them online @ Such a Pretty Mess .  They are easy to make and really add that "special something" to layouts.  It's been fun making them.  I've added some pearls to the middle of some and glitter to the petals of others.

I've also done a few layouts using up the last of the pictures I've got on hand.

This one is of my niece Tori...she's a beauty! (Layout done with the July Nook kit.)
My very first try at the paper flowers
Hand stitching!

This is a newborn picture of Aubri (which will be 3 years ago later this month!)

And finally, this is of my girls rough-housing outdoors.
A cluster that I'm happy turned out so well.

     And last night I printed out about 30 more pictures so I'll have some to work with now! Here's a favorite of mine: the Bald Knob Cross. I just love it from this angle!  Bald Knob Cross is the largest cross in the western hemisphere, located in Alto Pass, Illinois.  It is the realized dream of one man and currently in disrepair today with a war of sorts going on to try and get the funds together to get it restored to its former glory.  This photo was taken on one of our last trips home and it is a part of home that I dearly miss!!
Hope you enjoyed, cheers!