Friday, April 23, 2010

A project for ME

Since it is my birthday today, I am making something for myself.  This is very hard for me to do.  It makes me feel very selfish to make myself something, but I'm going to anyway.  I'm in the process of putting together another table runner.  Ended up with basically the same fabric as the last one but not going to follow the previous pattern.  Again, I'm not using an official pattern, just a basic idea of what I want and putting it down on paper to follow.  I'm excited.  I've already got the pieces cut out and ready to sew together. In fact, I'm going to stop here to work on it...after eating the delicious lasagna Joe made me for my birthday dinner!  (We'll see how long it takes me to post pictures this time...haha!)

Sunday 4/25/2010
     So, I've almost completed the table runner.  I only need to finish the binding and wash it.

     I made a sketch of my basic idea for the table runner.

     I started off with fabrics from Moda Shangri La collection and then the stuff on the right is some fabric that I thought would coordinate well with it.  (I'm not a pre-washer of fabric.  I take short-cuts where I can.)

     And this is what I ended up choosing to use.  Luckily the Shangri La fabric was from a honey bun so it already came in strips.  (I LOVE it when things work out that way - the less cutting/ironing, the better!)  I just had to trim it down to the right measurement and then cut out the fabrics from the other pile to match.

    Next I sewed the strips together.  Then I added the border fabric.

     Once the top is together, I made a sandwich, laying the backing fabric right side down on the table (after ironing) and the smoothing out the batting on top.

      I placed the runner fabric on top to complete the sandwich and pinned it all together while smoothing it out.  Afterwards, I trimmed the backing fabric and batting leaving at least 1 inch around the entire perimeter.

     Then, I took it to Miss White (referred to in previous post) to quilt.  I quilted basic lines.  Ended up being lined on every other strip except for the center 4 strips (they all got quilted.)

      I quilted the border then trimmed the edges of the entire sandwich to make it even.

 I have sewn the binding on to the quilt, but am in the process of hand stitching it to finish it.  Then to wash and I will post the final picture/s.  This was fun and quick to make and it makes me very happy that I will get to hang onto this one!

April 28, 2010
     So I finished the binding yesterday and washed the runner last night.  I gave myself a break and didn't touch it on Monday.  Hope you like it.  Here is the final product:


     I had planned to put something in the wonderful frame I purchased almost a year ago but had no idea what.  I ran across this idea in another post.  I'm not sure now, but I think paper, instead of fabric, was used as the background. Anyway I chose this red patterned fabric I just purchased at our local quilt store for the background.  (Too red?  Nah!)

 I used one of the cardboard inserts that came with the frame to wrap the fabric around.  I secured it with my basic scrapbooking tape all the way around the edges.  Then printed off the letter 'W' found on the net that appealed to me and cut it out to use as a template.  I taped(scotch tape) the edges of the template to the black scrapbook paper and used scissors, a ruler and an exacto knife to cut the letter out.  Once finished, I used scrapbooking tape to adhere it to the fabric, centered it in the frame and...TAH-DAH!  It now hangs in the 'red room' (my craft room) as if it were meant to be there (originally it was to be in the living room.)  Hope you like it. 
     The 'W' looks a bit flat in color in the photo, but not so to the naked eye.  It is perfect in color!


      My Checkers turned 15 the first of April and I wanted to commemorate it.  I put together this scrapbook page a couple weeks prior to his birthday. 
 The only thing that needed added was a picture on his big day.
   Love the way the page turned out.  Had planned to put a black and white picture on it but went with this colored photo my husband (Joe) took of him outside! ( Sorry, taking a picture of a picture doesn't quite cut it!)  Happy Birthday Checkers!


     This is my first time making a birthday card and whether I did too much or too little remains to be seen, but I am happy with the outcome...and so was the receipient (Nicole!).  I started off in one direction, and like happens to me often when scrapbooking, I was taken somewhere else.  I knew for her it had to have pink in it - her favorite color!
      Once the direction changed, I layed out the basics that would be needed.

     And then I put it all together.  Added some stickers and rub-ons and.....PRESTO, a great birthday card!  Happy Birthday Nicole!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So we have this wonderful dog bed that has seen better days.  Even freshly washed, all I can say is YUCK!

Our lovely little Emmy Louise has chewed on the end, making a nice escape hatch for all of the stuffing.

Meet Miss White, she does all the hard work and will be assisting me with this project.

And I have this cute scrap material that needs a purpose.

Iron fabric (a tedious but necessary part of any sewing project) and cut 2 pieces measuring 24"X30", roughly the size of the above bed.
      Pin right sides together at one end and sew around 3 sides of the entire fabric. 
Turn inside out, poke out all the corners.  Stuff the beatin-up bed inside and fold edges so they look neat, then sew together for the finished product.

Voila! New doggie bed! (smile)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Basic Bookmark

     This is for you, Donna.  I'm going to be starting another quilting project soon but you inspired this.  Bookmarks can be whatever you want them to be.  Just remember to keep them as flat as you can or they won't be ideal as bookmarks!  I subscribe to a monthly scrapbooking kit club and normally use their, already coordinating, supplies as a beginning base for the bookmark.  I will, however, recommend that if you want really great supplies for a really great bargain to visit . They have something new EVERY DAY.  It's the first place I go in the mornings.  If you like their stuff it's a good idea not to wait because they do sell out often! The button on my blog should take you to their site.(I'm addicted!)

     So, I decided to use this mini kit that I got, not too long ago, from Peachy Cheap.  It came with coordinating paper, 2 mini albums, thickers, colored brads, rub-ons and letter stickers.

     I chose these 2 papers as a base.  The bright yellow is very summer-like and the black will pop next to it.

     There are 2 basic supplies I use to put a bookmark together.  A basic rolling adhesive and my mod podge.

     First you'll need to cut the background piece out.  I'm using the black and white patterned paper.  I almost always cut out 2 background pieces (same or coordinating papers.)  One is used for the main side of the bookmark and the other for the back to help make it a sturdier piece.  The only time I don't use 2 sheets is if the paper is quite thick, like cardstock.  I usually cut mine to 2"-2&1/4" wide by 6"-7" long.  With busy patterned paper, it is often easier to see the ruler lines on the backside.  For this one I cut 2&1/4" by 7".

     Once cut out, make sure they match up in size and then glue together.  If you make a measurement mistake you can always trim it up after they are glued together.  I normally take the mod poge to the very tips of the corners (or the edges if needed) to make sure they are going to stay put.
    Next, I like to ink/distress the edges.  I just took a black ink pad and rubbed along the edges, smearing a litte bit over the edge.  I tried before and after photos but you can't tell any difference in them.  Trust me, they look better with the edges inked!
   I cut the yellow paper 1&1/2" by 6" to center it on the black/white paper.  I normally eyeball it and may cut more off in the end to make it look 'right' to me.  I used some craft scissors to give a decorative edge and then inked around the perimeter.  This photo show the before and after a bit better, but still not as well as in person:

     Finally, just added some thickers to wherever looked good and voila!  I don't plan ahead with these.  Just throw them together as I go.  If I start a project and it doesn't seem to be coming together very well, I leave it for another day.  Pick at least 2 different papers that go well and look good TO YOU and run with it! 

     Thanks, Donna, for your interest!  I really enjoyed this!

If you want a tassel on the bookmark just use a hole punch.  I always ink the edges of the hole and cut a string or ribbon roughly 10 inches long.  Put the 2 ends of the string/ribbon together and slide throught the hole in bookmark.  Bring it forward through the loop and pull until tight.  With ribbon, you'll need to heat set the edges so they don't fray.  I just use a lighter, without getting close enough to ignite, and let heat until you can feel a hardened edge...not too long or it will curl.  When I use string or crochet yarn I dip the end in mod podge and twist.  It will harden nicely.  There may be a better way of doing it with string/yarn but I've only used it once before.  If you use a ribbon that will not heat set for you then secure it with needle and thread at the top edge of the bookmark.  If you get confused or need more specific instruction, let me know and I'll go over that too!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Craftiness...Is that a word??

     I'm going to catch my blog up with all of the crafts I've done (some with the help of my wonderful husband).

     I did finish the runner for Abi (quite awhile ago) but haven't posted in so long. Below, if I get this right, are the photos of the finished runner.  I must say that I would have kept if for myself because it turned out wonderfully.  I will, however, NEVER do a double sided project again!!!  Unless it is a rag quilt.
I finished this in LESS than 2 weeks!!! YAY!!

     Here is the inspiration for the quilt runner.  I just looked at some photos off of the internet and chose this one to try and duplicate.  I did the runner without a pattern!

     I've also finished the rag quilts for my nieces and the quilt for my nephew with ragged edges.  I wish there were better material choices for a boy quilt, but here they are:

            This is Tori/Aubri quilt:

                    Aubri/Tori quilt:
My tag:
         Here is Emri's quilt:

     We are lucky enough to live on base and the last Friday of every month we are able to leave big items, like furniture, out at the curb for pick-up.  My husband happened upon this table.  After he fixed the legs to make them more sturdy, he sanded and painted it black, from a honey color, and fastened a knob on one side so that I can hang a bag for trash collection.  (I don't want our cat to be able to get ahold of any strings or thread from my sewing as I've seen too many things that can go wrong while working at a Veterinary office.)
                 This is the knob he attached to hang for trash.
 I have my grandmothers sewing table that she sat at so often.  I wish I could put it to better use than just to look at but I need the room this big table gives me!

     He also found this treasure for us to fix. This dresser was a curb pick-up.  He saved it right before it began to rain.  It was already black but needed a little touch up with some spray paint, not too much though because it has a nice worn look around some edges. He had to put a new back on it because the one on it was warped.  He also fixed the drawers so they opened and closed smoothly. I used "mod podge" on the front 2 drawers with some really great fabric from my stash.  This was my first attempt at it and I think it turned out quite nice!
                   During Mod Podge:

      I have been making bookmarks with my scrapbooking supplies...I LOVE bookmarks!!! Here are some I've done so far.
Made this one for Nicole (work friend):

This one for Lindy (work friend):

This one for Karen (another co-worker):

These are just made from my supplies:

      My mom gave us this small curio cabinet and Joe lovingly sanded it down and painted it black.  I think it just looks fabulous now!!!

This dresser was white.  Joe sanded and painted it black and added the green knobs.  I love the detail of the dresser.  This dresser took him awhile to do.  I grew up with dresser in my bedroom but I love the way it looks now!

I made this slip-cover for my sewing machine.  I like having it setting out on my craft table but I want to keep the dust to a minimum.  This only took an hour or so to put together.  No, it isn't perfect but it does the job and I'm pretty proud of myself for how it turned out :)

These three frames were sitting in the craft room empty so I grabbed some scrapbook paper and put this together. 

So that's it for the moment.  Maybe for the next project I will take some before pictures if it is a re-do or some "as it progresses" pictures for the other projects!  I'm very new to this and hope to improve greatly as time goes by.
     Just a final note:  if you are crafty in the least bit and haven't tried using mod podge, then YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT!!!  It is so fun to use and there are a lot of tutorials on the web to give you ideas.