Sunday, January 31, 2010

Machine Quilting

     Well I finally managed to machine quilt without it turning out badly.  I've almost finished quilting it.  Still need to post pictures but may wait until entirely done.  I know it isn't such a big deal but I am pretty impressed with being able to do it and have it turn out so well.
     Abi's plane got rerouted to Vegas because of the winter storm but she should be in town by Monday and hopefully to work by Tuesday.  We shall see.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


     Well today is the first day of the dribble I will be posting on here.  I am currently working on a quilting project for a good friend, Abi, that is soon to be visiting here.  Her husband is in the Air Force, like mine, and they are currently stationed in Korea.  She's gracing us with her presence for a couple of weeks and I'm so looking forward to seeing her.  She is the one who taught me how to quilt about 2 years ago.  I haven't done much on my own in the meantime but I love knowing how to do it and collecting fabrics for future projects.  And I thought that making her a little something would be nice. 

     I've gotten the top and bottom of the table runner done and it is pinned in a sandwiched with batting in the middle.  I have only hand quilted once before and must say it didn't turn out so least not in my eyes.  I've never machine quilted (I've done rag quilts which are so easy and so much fun but not the same) and my attempts to machine quilt this small project haven't been so great.  I think I went wrong in trying to make the project two-sided and all the seams are making it difficult to quilt.  Hand quilting it is hard to because of the thickness.  So today I'm going to make another attempt at machine quilting.  I'm so green still at quilting at all that it's all a learning process. 

Pictures of table runner to come....