Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Change

     I switched out the red material for some lighter scrapbooking paper.  Something just didn't sit right with how it looked before and the 'W' blended into the background too much.  But the lighter colors make all the difference and there's still some red in there.  I'm loving it!  Cheers!

Material Wall Art

     I have been wanting some sort of wall art in our downstairs bathroom for awhile now without having to dish out a lot of money (or any if possible.)  I thought there may have been some canvas stored with other stuff out in the garage but...nope.  So my sweet husband cut me out 3 blocks, from wood he already had on hand.  Measurements ended up being 15" X 9 &1/2".

I then went through my stash of material and found 3 coordinating ones.  From trial and error, I found that if you keep a monochromatic-like color scheme it will look better; instead of drawing your eye all over the place with too much to look at.  I chose these 3 prints from Neptune by Tula Pink for Moda.  I bought the whole line in fat quarters about 6 months ago.  I love her prints, she is so talented (I would own a bit of all her stuff if possible.)  Thought about going with riskier colors (brighter, I mean) but I stuck with what will match our towels. 

I ironed the fabric (no pre-washing for me, thank you.)  I cut it out to measure about 5" longer than the block to have enough to wrap around to the back.  For the pattern of the sea turtles to go straight up and down, it proved almost too narrow and I was barely able to wrap it around the top.  I used a staple gun, pulled the material taught before each staple, making sure to smooth out wrinkles as I went.  I wrapped the ends different on each one but found that wrapping as if a gift works best.

 I'm sure I will get better each time I attempt it.  Attach picture brackets to mount on the wall.  I decided to hang them all side by side...and gave that task over to my husband to level it all out.  I drew out several different layouts but found this one worked best with the wall space available in the room. 
I think I'm going to see about doing some smaller blocks and trying out mod podge instead of stapling the next time.  Thanks for looking.  Cheers!

Friday, May 21, 2010


     After debating, wanting, thinking, wondering, I have finally ordered a Cricut Expression.  Die Cut Central is having a 50% off sale for 48 hours.  So I decided, after checking with my hubby, to take the dive and get it!  I am so excited. I plan to get the SCAL program instead of purchasing cartridges for it, but I am getting 2 free cartridges with the one I ordered.  I did have a "Slice" cutting machine and a few cartridges in my cart for Crop Chocolate but wasn't sure I'd be happy with it.  Yes, a Slice is portable, but you have to hold onto while it cuts and it only cuts one thing at a time.  If you're trying to spell out the word "c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e" then it would take FOREVER! I hate regret, so the Cricut won out. I will soon get to start making my own scrappy extras.  Sorry, just got excited and had to share.  Cheers!


     No I haven't mastered it yet.  I was only shown once by my cousin Michelle but couldn't remember by the time I returned to North Carolina from Illinois.  That was a  few years ago.  But my good friend Abi (the same one who taught me how to quilt) will be teaching me how to knit.  I will have 6 months to get it down before she leaves US soil again, to return to the UK.  I'm really looking forward to grasping another skill.  I will post pics of projects as they are done.
     I really should post some pics of crocheting I've done.  My grandmother taught me that when I was a kid and I re-taught myself about 7 years ago or so.  I've made a few blankets but unfortunately I don't know if I can hunt down the pictures.  I will try to and post them here.  I do have a blanket I made for myself that sits atop our amoire in the bedroom behind some knickknacks and photos and the beginnings of a baby blanket I was to make for a friend over a year ago (poor Robin.)  Well I've gotten far enough off of the subject of knitting. I will end my ramblings here.  Cheers!

Scrapbook Pages/Card Fronts

     I am hooked, as mentioned in the previous post, to making the fronts for cards. I'm trying to make them nice, but basic, so I can use them for whatever the occasion calls for. It all started with this page, which isn't really a layout in the sense that I'm not planning on ever adding a photo. I wanted a look that kind of resembled a quilt of sorts. I chose the "Little Sprout" paper by Michelle Coleman for Fancy Pants Designs. I got it off the site Crop Chocolate, which I love. I added the 'love' and the extra bling at the bottom.  I love the way it looks!

This now sits in a frame on top of my big ol' craft dresser full of my hoarded supplies.

These 3 are all made with the Little Sprout papers plus extra embelishments.

These 2 are made using the April kit from My Scrapbook Nook.

     As these fronts turn into actual cards, I will post the end results.  Cheers!

Father's Day

     Well Father's Day is coming up soon. I was late on sending out cards on Mother's Day (they were store bought) and I don't want a repeat of that. I was messing around making fronts of cards (I'm kind of hooked on doing that now) and wound up with these 2 cards. The paper from both of these comes from the April kit from My Scrapbook Nook.  I'm starting to really try and use up all the paper I have instead of hoarding it! 
((Some of it will remain in my stash though for something special.))
This one is for my dad.

This one is for Joe's dad.

I still have to finish one for my step-father, but I'm sure I can finish and have them all sent off in time! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Jinx

     Created another layout last week and got to take pics today. Here it is. I got to try distressing edges with water and my fingernail, then inked over the edges. I also wet the light brown paper entirely and crumpled it all up then used a cool iron to flatten it back out, but it kept the creases. And I got to use a new tool, the cutterbug, to make even holes for hand stitches (orange paper!)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Scrapbook Nook: Sketch Challenge

    Using the sketch posted May 2nd, I put together this layout.  The only requirements for entering this giveaway/contest were to use a Nook kit .  I wish I had finished it while there was still daylight so I could take a better picture.  I used the May 2010 kit.

Today was fun!

Dreamer Sketch Contest

     I didn't decide to do this layout for the sake of any contest, but because I liked the way the layout looks.  I found the contest on this blog site: (Ceyda's Scrapbooks).  This is the first time I've done a page from a sketch, I normally just 'wing-it',  I used 'My Minds Eye' Breaking Free Adventure series paper for it.  I've decided, once finished with the page, that I'm going to submit it in the contest for kicks.  I enjoyed the inspiration and really like the way it turned out.  Hope you like it!

Boss Birthday

    I made this card for my boss's birthday. His birthday was May 8th and the staff decided to do a potluck to celebrate. It's so hard, for me,to put together anything for a man without worrying if it's masculine enough.  But I ended up with what's below and I like it overall. Hopefully, the more cards I make, the better they will end up looking!  Took me a couple hours to get it here. And he appreciated that it wasn't store bought!

Happy Mother's Day

     God has blessed me with the greatest family and my mother can't be topped. She goes out of her way to help when it's needed or asked for.  She has been there for Joe and me when we really needed it.  She is the 'go-to' person in my life if ever there is a crisis (which I thank God there hasn't been many of those!)  I can ALWAYS count on her to be a cheerleader in my life and I know, without hesitation, that she will stand behind me no matter what I say, do, think, am.  She is what a mother should be.  From as far back as I can remember, she has been my 'soft place to fall.'  I don't take what she gives for granted and I don't ask for more than what I'm willing to give back.  I would do anything for her in a moments notice.  She is a best friend.  Our relationship has had it's curves and bumps but is bound by a love for one another that will see anything through!  Thank you for everything. There will never be enough days left to repay you for ALL that you have done and still do!  And although she doesn't own a computer and may never see this, I want her to know this:
                       I LOVE YOU MOM!!

Blog Edit

   Saturday I fiddled with how my blog looks.  I added a signature at the bottom of my blog and a divider in between posts.  I also tweaked the header to make it more appealing.  It wasn't hard to do at all, but did take several attempts to get what I wanted.  I used some graphics from 'The Graphics Fairy' and, used 'FotoFlexer' to edit them to my taste and 'photobucket' to help upload them to my blog!  I really like the way it looks.  It didn't cost me anything but time!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Nook May Kit

     I just got the May kit in last week for 'The Scrapbook Nook'.  It's a monthly scrapbooking kit club.  I did this layout over the weekend and plan to place a picture in it this summer!

      Here are a couple of close-ups!  No tutorial for this one, just put it together on the sly, but hope you like!  Isn't the paper adorable?  Very cheery!

*The title stickers weren't a part of the kit but had to use them!