Monday, May 24, 2010

Material Wall Art

     I have been wanting some sort of wall art in our downstairs bathroom for awhile now without having to dish out a lot of money (or any if possible.)  I thought there may have been some canvas stored with other stuff out in the garage but...nope.  So my sweet husband cut me out 3 blocks, from wood he already had on hand.  Measurements ended up being 15" X 9 &1/2".

I then went through my stash of material and found 3 coordinating ones.  From trial and error, I found that if you keep a monochromatic-like color scheme it will look better; instead of drawing your eye all over the place with too much to look at.  I chose these 3 prints from Neptune by Tula Pink for Moda.  I bought the whole line in fat quarters about 6 months ago.  I love her prints, she is so talented (I would own a bit of all her stuff if possible.)  Thought about going with riskier colors (brighter, I mean) but I stuck with what will match our towels. 

I ironed the fabric (no pre-washing for me, thank you.)  I cut it out to measure about 5" longer than the block to have enough to wrap around to the back.  For the pattern of the sea turtles to go straight up and down, it proved almost too narrow and I was barely able to wrap it around the top.  I used a staple gun, pulled the material taught before each staple, making sure to smooth out wrinkles as I went.  I wrapped the ends different on each one but found that wrapping as if a gift works best.

 I'm sure I will get better each time I attempt it.  Attach picture brackets to mount on the wall.  I decided to hang them all side by side...and gave that task over to my husband to level it all out.  I drew out several different layouts but found this one worked best with the wall space available in the room. 
I think I'm going to see about doing some smaller blocks and trying out mod podge instead of stapling the next time.  Thanks for looking.  Cheers!

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