Thursday, June 24, 2010


      I know it's been awhile since I posted anything.  I'm still accumulating craft supplies but haven't spent much time crafting.  I've been a bit consumed reading lately, cranking out 4 books in 4 weeks and I'm on a fifth book now.  But in the last couple days I've managed to do 3 scrapbook pages.  The photos aren't as clear as I'd hoped but the lighting was bad.  Here goes:

     This first one is my favorite, mostly because of the green and blue hues.  I also tried my hand at the rolled paper flowers and think they turned out quite cute.

This next one is of my niece.  I took some pre-cut flowers and layered them using dimensional tape topped off with bead for the center.
And this one was created last night while I was a bit bleary-eyed.  I love the blacks and reds.  I actually crumpled up a couple pieces of the paper, inked the edges, then glued them down.  It turned out nicely
I used my latest toy...a grommet setter, to make the holes for the brads.  It's so much fun to whack away on something and to make a lot of racket in the name of crafting!  (No complaints from the neighbors yet!)
Just hot-glued the twine down to the ribbon after fashioning a bow.

Thanks for looking.  Cheers!

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