Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Basic Bookmark

     This is for you, Donna.  I'm going to be starting another quilting project soon but you inspired this.  Bookmarks can be whatever you want them to be.  Just remember to keep them as flat as you can or they won't be ideal as bookmarks!  I subscribe to a monthly scrapbooking kit club and normally use their, already coordinating, supplies as a beginning base for the bookmark.  I will, however, recommend that if you want really great supplies for a really great bargain to visit http://www.peachycheap.com/ . They have something new EVERY DAY.  It's the first place I go in the mornings.  If you like their stuff it's a good idea not to wait because they do sell out often! The button on my blog should take you to their site.(I'm addicted!)

     So, I decided to use this mini kit that I got, not too long ago, from Peachy Cheap.  It came with coordinating paper, 2 mini albums, thickers, colored brads, rub-ons and letter stickers.

     I chose these 2 papers as a base.  The bright yellow is very summer-like and the black will pop next to it.

     There are 2 basic supplies I use to put a bookmark together.  A basic rolling adhesive and my mod podge.

     First you'll need to cut the background piece out.  I'm using the black and white patterned paper.  I almost always cut out 2 background pieces (same or coordinating papers.)  One is used for the main side of the bookmark and the other for the back to help make it a sturdier piece.  The only time I don't use 2 sheets is if the paper is quite thick, like cardstock.  I usually cut mine to 2"-2&1/4" wide by 6"-7" long.  With busy patterned paper, it is often easier to see the ruler lines on the backside.  For this one I cut 2&1/4" by 7".

     Once cut out, make sure they match up in size and then glue together.  If you make a measurement mistake you can always trim it up after they are glued together.  I normally take the mod poge to the very tips of the corners (or the edges if needed) to make sure they are going to stay put.
    Next, I like to ink/distress the edges.  I just took a black ink pad and rubbed along the edges, smearing a litte bit over the edge.  I tried before and after photos but you can't tell any difference in them.  Trust me, they look better with the edges inked!
   I cut the yellow paper 1&1/2" by 6" to center it on the black/white paper.  I normally eyeball it and may cut more off in the end to make it look 'right' to me.  I used some craft scissors to give a decorative edge and then inked around the perimeter.  This photo show the before and after a bit better, but still not as well as in person:

     Finally, just added some thickers to wherever looked good and voila!  I don't plan ahead with these.  Just throw them together as I go.  If I start a project and it doesn't seem to be coming together very well, I leave it for another day.  Pick at least 2 different papers that go well and look good TO YOU and run with it! 

     Thanks, Donna, for your interest!  I really enjoyed this!

If you want a tassel on the bookmark just use a hole punch.  I always ink the edges of the hole and cut a string or ribbon roughly 10 inches long.  Put the 2 ends of the string/ribbon together and slide throught the hole in bookmark.  Bring it forward through the loop and pull until tight.  With ribbon, you'll need to heat set the edges so they don't fray.  I just use a lighter, without getting close enough to ignite, and let heat until you can feel a hardened edge...not too long or it will curl.  When I use string or crochet yarn I dip the end in mod podge and twist.  It will harden nicely.  There may be a better way of doing it with string/yarn but I've only used it once before.  If you use a ribbon that will not heat set for you then secure it with needle and thread at the top edge of the bookmark.  If you get confused or need more specific instruction, let me know and I'll go over that too!


  1. Steph,

    This is absolutely AWESOME!! You did a fantastic job explaining. I can't wait to start on one. I will do pictures for you so you can see how it turns out. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


  2. Thanks again Donna...and you're welcome!