Friday, April 23, 2010


     I had planned to put something in the wonderful frame I purchased almost a year ago but had no idea what.  I ran across this idea in another post.  I'm not sure now, but I think paper, instead of fabric, was used as the background. Anyway I chose this red patterned fabric I just purchased at our local quilt store for the background.  (Too red?  Nah!)

 I used one of the cardboard inserts that came with the frame to wrap the fabric around.  I secured it with my basic scrapbooking tape all the way around the edges.  Then printed off the letter 'W' found on the net that appealed to me and cut it out to use as a template.  I taped(scotch tape) the edges of the template to the black scrapbook paper and used scissors, a ruler and an exacto knife to cut the letter out.  Once finished, I used scrapbooking tape to adhere it to the fabric, centered it in the frame and...TAH-DAH!  It now hangs in the 'red room' (my craft room) as if it were meant to be there (originally it was to be in the living room.)  Hope you like it. 
     The 'W' looks a bit flat in color in the photo, but not so to the naked eye.  It is perfect in color!


  1. Steph this is AWESOME!!! I did something similar with a portrait of Peter and I. I matched the fabric with the bench and pillows in our bedroom. I used the same fabric as the background in the frame and made a pocket for our photo to slip into. I never thought of doing the monogram thing, that's cool!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Donna. I did not know that, but it would be the perfect thing to do!