Friday, April 23, 2010


      My Checkers turned 15 the first of April and I wanted to commemorate it.  I put together this scrapbook page a couple weeks prior to his birthday. 
 The only thing that needed added was a picture on his big day.
   Love the way the page turned out.  Had planned to put a black and white picture on it but went with this colored photo my husband (Joe) took of him outside! ( Sorry, taking a picture of a picture doesn't quite cut it!)  Happy Birthday Checkers!


     This is my first time making a birthday card and whether I did too much or too little remains to be seen, but I am happy with the outcome...and so was the receipient (Nicole!).  I started off in one direction, and like happens to me often when scrapbooking, I was taken somewhere else.  I knew for her it had to have pink in it - her favorite color!
      Once the direction changed, I layed out the basics that would be needed.

     And then I put it all together.  Added some stickers and rub-ons and.....PRESTO, a great birthday card!  Happy Birthday Nicole!


  1. Once again, awesome job! Did you know they make scrapbook frames that you can put pages in and hang on the wall? I was thinking the one you did of checkers would be great in one of those frames as a wall hanging.

  2. sorry, the comment about the frame was supposed to be here. Great idea!!